Get Jennifer Lopez’s Golden Globes look

We absolutely loved Jennifer Lopez’s Golden Globes look, with her super smokey eyes, glowing skin and loose bouncy waves!

We wanted to recreate the look along with some steps on how to recreate it yourself. So here’s Aleysha taking you through how to get the look! 


Start with the eyes as this is a smokey look which can get a little messy and we don’t want to mess up the base. 


Use a highlighter beneath the brow and the inner corners of the eyes. Something shimmery would be great as JLO is all about the glow! Add a brown shade in the crease and a black shadow from the lashline upwards. Blend well so it’s nice and smokey. Apply black pencil around the eyes and blend this with a brush too. Pop on some false lashes! 

image1 (1)

Start the base with a lighter shade to highlight parts of your face. Add a darker colour to anywhere you want definition or to make appear smaller. 

Blend and pop on some loose powder to set. 
Brush on bronzer for some extra contour. I have gone over my cheeks and forehead. Add a little highlighter to your cheekbones to make them stand out (and for the JLO glow!)
Brush on a soft eyeshadow to your brows to help them stand out and to shape them. 
Find a nude lipstick that compliments your skin tone. I have gone for Mac peach-stock. 
Part your hair in the middle but not all the way back, leave some to backcomb for volume. To create loose waves, grab large sections of hair and start the wave half way down. Twist your irons around to create a loose wave, or if you prefer to use tongs, brush out the curls at the end!



We hope you enjoy recreating the look yourself!

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